To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person.
  ~Bruce Lee

An interactor is a performer who is trained in improvisation, acting, interactive performance, story, and technology. This broad training base makes interactors ideally suited to perform in training simulations or scenarios that include interpersonal interaction. Interactors make it possible for anyone, even people without any background in performance, to step into a simulation or scenario and participate.

Interactors are Behavior Performance Specialists who are trained to perform behavioral patterns and deliver specific, realistic interpersonal stimuli. As human beings, they are the best way to deliver human behavior when only complete realism will do. Interactors can repeat specific actions programmatically according to scripts, and they can improvise just as easily when called upon to do so. They also have the skills to detect slight and unconscious behavior cues on the part of simulation participants/trainees. This sensitivity gives the interactor a great advantage over current artificial intelligence, and it allows the interactor to seamlessly integrate his/her own reactions to these cues within a simulation, creating a compelling, dynamic and real-time experience for the participant.

Finally, interactors have the ability to specifically facilitate non-performers’ ability to act realistically within simulation so that the anxiety of performance on the part of the nonactor participant is removed. Participants can respond naturally and let the onus of performance and justification for the simulation be placed solely on the interactor. In short, interactors can act as real life human simulators to create the person-to-person stimuli that can be part of training and simulation situations.

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