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Interactor Simulation Systems (ISS) is a simulation design and execution firm that specializes in interpersonal skills training. Using cutting edge simulation technologies and highly trained interactive performance specialists, ISS can help you design and build highly effective and engaging simulations to train your people for their toughest challenges.

What makes ISS unique is our use of live performers to aid in rapid prototyping and as skilled trainers in simulations that utilize human intelligence. Whether you need a skilled designer or an interpersonal training specialist, ISS delivers.

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What We Do:
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Who We Are:
Rennaissance people for the 21st century

Who Should Use Interactors?

Department of Defense and First Responders
  Lower your design costs and shorten your development cycle by piloting and rapidly prototyping
  your simulations well before any programming is done.

  Practice teaching and hone classroom management and discipline techniques on realistic analogues
  of students without any consequence to real children.

Medical and Psychiatric Colleges
  Take the work of Standardized Patients to the next level with more than just actors, but performers
  capable of exhibiting qualified pathologies and realistic mental disorders.

Healthcare Providers
  Test procedures and protocols on realistic simulations of your toughest critics - patients and families.

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